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The War of Worlds

This is some random Yogscast small story thing I came up with. I know it’s short but enjoy!

I used to look up at Zoeya her crimson hair danced in the wind as she had ran from tree to tree and talked to the mushrooms that she had sworn she could hear. We would walk back to camp laughing and happy. She would then work on her metallic arm in attempt to ‘upgrade’ it. Tee would sit up in his guard tower ready to defend us from the dark creatures of the night. I would study spells and learn the magics of the olden days before us. Every thing was perfect until war broke out and ravaged the land. Until Zoey was shot. Until the dark book fell from the sky. The book of crimson blood.


I look at the body of the dark dragon slain by a wave of my hand. I have grown into these acts of the dark magic. After all the worlds are locked in a race for power of all the fallen realms. Those who are left work to destroy everyone else. We all work towards being the lone survivor, to be the ruler of all worlds whatever the cost. I pull the warm fires of the world around me and I drag myself back to what’s left of our, my camp.

My fingertips brush the top of her headstone. I set a bundle of mushrooms by her grave, the same ones she swore could talk so long ago.
“I’m sorry Zoey. I’m so sorry. I’m coming Zoey. Forgive me, please.” I whisper. I blink and I am standing on a cliff. Below the rough seas crash against the wall of gray rock. The last survivor stands behind me. The scientist, the only one who could betray all he knew. The dark magic has turned me into someone else, someone that I will not let live through this. I step forward into darkness and feel the pain of death like fire racing racing through my head. Then darkness and I cling to the days when Zoey would dance her hair flowing in the wind and rant about mushrooms. The days when Tee would watch over us in the dark of the night. How when she was scared I would comfort her. How the world used to be before the war, before the dark magic. The time before The misfire. Before I killed Zoey.

Flame in Endless Shadows: Epilogue

Here is a kind of thing I wrote. Um I have no idea what I am thinking when I write. Sry it’s short I just. Enjoy?
An unkind darkness falls onto me an I realize what I have done. What the daemons of the dark have turned me into. I was every shadow, and she was every flame. She was the precious light. Now I am the darkness no longer soft and human, but dark and mutated. The bringer of everything dark or evil. With the bringer of light and kindness gone the world, every world spirals into darkness and evil. It spins into loss and destruction. Distraction reigns down of us all for the light is gone. The good and kind long gone the dark and evil are left. And I am left as their dark leader. But, there is one last thing I must do if the world it ending. If it is not then my world is long perished. I must say goodbye. I step forward into nothingness.

Flame in Endless Shadows

Chapter 4? XD idk sorry it’s short but… Yea it’s short enjoy!
______________________________________________________________________________Rythian’s P.O.V
I wake my mind vacant of memories of the past only seeing the present. A single commanding urge moving my limbs like lone soldier. ” Kill the girl of flame, she will not burn the never ending darkness.” The forest darkens behind me like a cape of shadow lit by the dark glow of the black flame that hovers just above my palm. As the forest thins the faithful cape of darkness fades. A castle of gray brick lays on the hill that blacks my path. It is lit by a light, like a flame but coming from everywhere and nowhere at once. The small dark places that never see light whisper” At the scientists den,
The flame girl rests her head,
Just remember what we said,
The head of flame,
Is the one to blame,
For the war over all,
In which we call,
Darkness to fall.”

As I step into the evil light the night falls and uncovers my wings. They unfold now charged bone like Death’s, my armor dark dragon scales pulling in all the light and color fearing on this realm.
The castle gate opens to show a girl in a flowing crimson dress and light blue eyes. Busied her stands a man in a white lab coat with sea foam green eyes. He holds a laser in one hand and the girls hand in the other. Her free hand trembles and a tear slips over her cheek. The girl whispers a a name that seems important but like an enemy that must not live.
“Rythian,” Then she weeps onto the scientist’s shoulder.

Zoeya’s P.O.V

A demonic voice rises from Rythian’s throat
” For a warier you feel too much, that will be your downfall,” I look at him as he unsheathes a sword of dark flames. In one swift movement I watch as he, the Mage who fought off the monsters of the night, who thought me magic, who forgave me, stabs the sword of the evil and of darkness into my stomach. At first I feel a unbearable pain as darkness dances at the edge of my vision. Then I fall and feel nothing and see darkness and hear one sound.

-Third person-

The Mage falls to his knees next to his love who never knew how he felt who kept him from the evil darkness. He remembered,


Flame in Endless Shadows

Here’s a sneak peek of the next chapter!
Some blood in this pre chapter thing so be prepared I guess. ———————————————————————————————————————————————-
I sprint through the dark forest, dark from the ever growing soul of Death. As I run it creeps up my legs ripping the life from my body, sucking my strength into its heart, using me as a power source. Death tears at my soul ripping away my memories, my thoughts, my very being. A ghostly figure steps out of the darkness. It’s eyes, black pits of void that seem to drain color from the world around it. It’s wings made of charred bones sharpened so they can be used as weapons. Her long black hair glowing as black flames of anger, hatred, and cold dark defiance. Defiance of life, warmth, and anything worth living for. She beckons me, “Come forward brother and step into your immortal skin, we can rule together. Just take my hand.” I pull myself onto my feet and creep forward my singed hand outstretched. Singed from the fire that ravaged the scientist house burning every single possession he held close to his heart. I slip my hand into hers, my hand in Deaths.
Pain fills my body as her sharpened wings price my skin, crimson and violet blood seeps from the wounds. I groan and fall to the ground, helpless and at Deaths feet. The light seeps from my vision as I fight to remain awake. The small blotches of vision fill with darkness.
The creatures of the End feast on my memories, my feelings, my reason to live. My mind fills with a single chant repeating over and over, strengthening, and controlling everything.
” Rid this world of the crimson girl, for she is the only one,
That can kill the age if darkness,
For she is the sun.”


I stare out the window as darkness falls. It covers every source of light, only leaving a small violate wisp floating towards me like a lost memory. It blinks out after whispering a message

" The darkness is coming,
like a plague it will kill,
using infinite knowledge,
This last gift and message it has sent,
From the depths of the End,
Your sorry friend.

Flame in Endless Shadows

Here’s the next chapter! It turned out different then I wanted it to but, I think it works fine. (It turned out more serious/dark then I expected oops oh well XD) sorry for it being so short to be honest it’s one of those endings where it’s just awkward if that isn’t the end of a chapter. Yea yea excuses excuses. Enjoy!
Chapter 2

They stare at me my black wings, my scars, and my void black face. They stare at me, some gasping out of fear or shock. My violate eyes scan the floor for the man. The cowardly man. The scientist who thinks death will walk past him. The scientist man, Duncan. He stands at the back of the group his eyes wide with fear. I jump off the wall and slowly walk towards him, the crowd stepping out of my way. I stand in front of the scientist man, the coward who pretends he is perfect. I slowly unsheathed my new blade and pressed it against his throat. He cringes as the blade of the End, the void, and of death itself meets his skin. The cold blade, the cold of the void and the end, the everlasting cold, the deadly cold. Just before the cold sword of the End and the void would slit his throat a voice, a plea of mercy split the air. But, it is not from Duncan, the cowardly scientist man it came from the girl whose hair is the reddest shade of red, whose voice inspires birds to chirp, the mushroom princess, Zoeya. She, the girl of flames and heat the kind warmth, turned to cheap immortality. She will never die of sickness or mobs. But, the cheap immortality is easily ripped apart by a dull blade. The price was simple to her she betrays me her teacher nothing more just the man who taught her, to her I was nothing more than that. If I were to stretch the words I would say I was a friend to her. She betrayed me for immortality, immortality of a man a cowardly scientist man. Who knows the faults of his plan, the plan to make his allies live forever while watching his enemies slowly fall to the hand of time. She betrayed me for him, for a false promise for science.
I pull the blade from the scientists’ neck and turn to her, the girl who used to be my flame, my warmth, my will to stay sane. Zoeya girl who turned to a false life at the offer of immortality, the girl whose hair’s the perfect shade of crimson, the mushroom princess, now the scientists’ apprentice Zoeya the one who left me to rot after I taught her all I knew. I stare into her golden eyes, my violate ones glowing brighter as I remember all we did together, Blackrock, the mooshrooms, and baby Jim. I also remember the time she left and how I felt like I was just a shell of a person preparing for war. Then when she left for Duncan only a few months later I felt betrayed, numb, and worst of all I knew I felt worse than any physical pain ever could make me feel, until I stopped caring about her, Blackrock, about the world and everyone in it. She shifts uncomfortably under my gaze sensing my anger, my pure hatred for what she did.
“I’m sorry you chose the wrong side of the war, Zoeya,” I hiss before quickly slashing the back of Duncan’s leg, succeeding at stopping his attempt to sneak away. I turn to see the tip of Tee’s gun trained at my face. Tee the last dinosaur, the mute sniper, Zoeya’s companion, who also turned against me for false promises.
“No one will live forever,” I yell before springing into the air kicking Tee’s gun out of my way. I soar far above the castle before turning towards a jungle faraway. The dark jungle, the jungle only I know about, the jungle that has the portal to the detention of the night, of the cold the everlasting cold, the cold that raps its frigid fingers around you and if you’re not ready will force you to slip into madness that will lead you to cold death, everlasting death. The detention I will fight to rule, the detention of the void, the dying detention, the world of the End.

Flame in Endless Shadows Chapter 1

This is my first fan fiction please don’t kill me and let me know if you want more chapters. I would have a read more but I can’t figure out how to link it correctly sorry but it would be after the first paragraph. Enjoy!

—————————————————————————————————————————————-                             I slowly pace in the shadow of a tall oak tree, in the middle of a field, the tall thin tan grass brushing against my legs. All I can think of is her, Zoeya with her beautiful crimson hair, beaming smile, and perfect personality. The only thought that dares to cross my mind that isn’t completely about her is the monster in me chanting that I am a mutt and would do this world a favor to rid myself from it. I rest my back against the tall old oak and let the warm summer sunset’s rays heat my cold body. Cold from the slow agonizing pain that tears me apart. The beast inside me, the evil seeking revenge, the evil of the world stuck inside my head slowly tearing my soul apart piece by piece. The skies darken and form a raging funnel of clouds that slowly descends,  lightning strikes the same spot over and over until the area is just singed dirt. As the howling wind rips the mask off my face reveling void black skin and sharp shark-like teeth. A figure with a dark heavy presence steps slowly trough the gray smoke. I bear my teeth and hiss the sound would make a normal human run for its life, but the figure bellows a deep, rich laughter and slowly creeps forward out of the smoke. My eyes widen as the man, the beast reveals itself how I still remember his betrayal to everyone to every species every realm except one, The End. “So, I see you have returned Herobrine,” I spit the words as if they were poison in my mouth. Herobrine takes a step forward and squares his feet. “I have an offer for you Rythian,” his voice gravely and rough from time,”I have come to ask you if you would let me teach you how to use your powers and give you endless power.”

     “No, you beast of the pits of the Nether I wouldn’t take your help for the world,” I reply yelling each word. He steps closer and gazes into my soul my very core and speaks in a calm tone ”Have you even thought what this means Rythian? You might be able to kill the Queen of the End and rule the world just as you originally planned,” How could I forget that my fathe- Herobrine and i make the the stupid deal, I live if I rule the stupid bright lands i get to live. At the time the deal was amazing i live and the bright lands have a ruler, but now i know the bright lands and the people in it. 

           “Fine, I’ll let you train me,” I say coldly. There is a flash of black light and we stand in front of a large ruin. Herobrine walks up holding a old bucket filled with a dark purple ink. He sets the bucket next to my feet, and overturns a small rock, and brushes off an old iron dagger that was hidden in the dirt underneath it.

            “Your first test is to build a fire with only your magic,” he says looking board. I smirk feeling the old cloth covering my face again, concentrate on warming the palm of my hand, and slightly flick the tips of my fingers at the small pile of wood that sits in front of me. The spark from my hand lands on the tinder lighting the fire .Herobrine sets the tip of the dagger next to the burning red coals, ans we sit there watching the tip of thee dagger slowly start to glow a bright red. When he removes the dagger from the fire he dips the tip in the dark purple ink that looks black in the soft moonlight. I wince as the tip of the dagger acts as a needle sketching symbols and spells into my skin. With each symbol I feel it’s power running in my veins, each spell engraves itself into my brain, and each story filling me with wisdom. When he finishes the last symbol on my back, a life size drawing of the Enderbane, I feel like I can kill any foe, that I can do anything, I feel like a God ruler of death, like, and everything else. Herobrine walks towards me outstretching a sword that is made of black flames.”God slayer,” he whispers after i take the sword, and disappears into the night. I slip the sword into my sheathe, saddle up my horse, Shadow, and disappear into the woods, first stop Duncan’s time for revenge.

            I cross back into the bright lands from Herobrine’s realm to see snow covering the ground and a full moon in the sky. I tighten the reins and speed off towards the little spike on the horizon, Duncan’s castle. an owl hoots somewhere far above me.

       I tie Shadow to a tree not far behind Duncan’s castle and slowly sneak up to the back wall. Just as I set my hand on the wall to find a hold I feel a sharp pain on both sides of my spine. I clench my hands and teeth to avoid screaming out in pain. I slowly move my hand up my back to try to find what caused the searing pain. I gasp in sock as I feel feathers soft to the touch. I manage to stumble over to a small pool of ice to see what I look like. Just before I look to see what the heck is on my back I slide my soft mask off my face to try to scare it away. What I see when I look at the ice shocks me, I see every child’s nightmare, every killer, I see fear itself, a beast, a monster. I see a tall pale man with chocolate brown hair that has a small blonde streak over his left eye, the lower half of his face is a dark black, blacker then the depths of the void. He has three purple scars that run from across his face from above his right eye down over his nose and across his lips and stops right at the bottom of his face. Then it has huge black feathered wings that make it look like a dark angel, an angel that is of the void, of the End. I fling myself into the air feeling the power my with each down stroke of my wings. I clumsily land on the roof of one of the towers to sit and wait for Duncan and anyone else he has brought with him. A single thought runs trough my head. Zoey, where is Zoey? Is she okay? I know she isn’t dead I would feel it, wouldn’t I? Soddenly Duncan flies out of a window mumbling

“Invitations, check, music, check, food, check, suit, check, good I have everything for the Christmas party,” I stop creeping towards him and slowly back away from Duncan and to the edge of the tower, I quickly dive off of the tower and glide next to the treeline until my feet meat the ground. I walk a little ways into the forest to the spot where i left Shadow and set up a small camp so i can sleep without getting snowed on. I sit next to the fire singing a verse of a song i learned many worlds agow when there was only peace and kind people instead of war and evil souls.

I sing the verse over and over until the moon is high in the sky and I hear music in the distance, party music,”It’s time to crash a party,” i whisper quietly to myself. I sprint into a small clearing and quickly unfold my wings and launch myself into the cool crisp winter sky. It feels natural to fly, it’s not like using magic or science, but to fly like this with wings lets me feel my power and strength while letting me travel swiftly across the terrain. My hatred for Duncan and Sjin grows with the castle infront of me until i have small sparks of purple flame appearing from the air below my hands. I land smoothly on the back wall of the castle so that I am in plain sight for anyone that looks up. I square my feet, stretch my wings to look more like the monster I really am, and let dark purple flames form at my finger tips. I hear gasps as slowly one by one each person sees me standing on the wall. I feel the wind blow past my uncovered mouth as I smile.